Owner Builder Kit Home Information

Steel House Frame Kits for Owner Builders

Our Brisbane Steel House Frame Kits are designed with the Owner Builder in mind.

As our framing is pre fabricated with ready to stand wall panels & trusses, installation really is a breeze.

Your framing has each wall panel number printed on it which is then referred to in your full set of plans. All you have to do is match the wall frame number to the panel number on the plan & mark out the location of the panel on your site. Once you have completed this step with all of your wall panels, you are ready to install them.

Obtaining an Owner Builder Licence is a simple process & courses are completed online. You will also need to obtain a white card and this can usually be completed using the same organisation that you are completing your Owner Builder Licence through.

There are quite a lot of online organisations that you can complete the course through. Please see the below link for an organisation that you can complete the course through for both NSW & QLD:

Absolute Education

Once you have completed the online course, you will need to fill out the Owner Builder Permit Application & pay the application fee. For information on this process please see the below links:


Queensland Building & Construction Commission


NSW Office of Fair Trading

The benefit to constructing one of our kits as an Owner Builder is you can take as much or as little time as you like. You organise your own trades & the finishes of the kit are completely up to you.