Completing your Granny Flat Kit

We understand that it may be a bit overwhelming when trying to calculate costs of completing your project. We have put together some of the larger items associated with constructing our granny flat kits.

Associated costs (Approx):

Council Fees – These fees vary for different suburbs. Contact your local council to find out the fees associated.

Private Certifier – $2,000

Energy Assessment – $350

Soil Test – $700

Footing/Slab Design – $750

Footing Cost – $250 per footing – includes footing & concrete – excludes installation

Concrete Slab Cost – $150m2

Internal Plastering – $25m2 (supply & install)

Internal Wet Area FC Sheeting – $30m2 (supply & install)

Electrical – $3000 excluding site specific costs

Plumbing – $2000 excluding site specific costs

Kitchen – $2900 – flat pack kitchen – does not include labour to install (based off The Seascape)

Tiling/Waterproofing – $40m2 excluding tiles

Shower Screen – $800

Electrical/Plumbing Grommets to suit a 34mm hole can be bought here for approximately $52/100:

The above costs are approximate, but give a good gauge when trying to calculate figures.